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Its been a while since we have updated news about our projects ..... time to catch up on what we have been working on !

Sunway Pyramid, TGV Cinema, Malaysia

We have worked with Paul Hickman Design many times of the the past few years.  Paul has been an innovator in the hospitality industry for many years, with restaurants, bars and particularly with entertainment sector.  He has been working with leading cinema groups innovating the experience offer for customers.

This cinema project in Malaysia is from 2022.

Workplace Upgrade

During COVID a few commercial offices have been using the opportunity with their staff at home to upgrade their facilities.

We worked with Work Place Plus, to analyse their workplace, their future needs and developed some design strategies to make sure the space they are leasing works to it maximum potential, giving them value for money. 


Due to COVID many things have changed in the workplace, with more staff working from home and flexible working conditions there is an opportunity to re-evaluate and create a more efficient work environment.  Contact us for a free consultation, so we can assist you in providing a comprehensive workplace design while taking into consideration the following:

  • Analysis of your existing workplace and practises

  • Designing an improved workplace which is more efficient and effective

  • Assessing existing Equipment, Furniture, Fixtures an Fittings into new design

  • Working with your existing brand when incorporating Interior Design Options

  • Selection of new Furniture, Fittings and Fixtures

Contact us at for more information.

Bird House Competition

Well most designers have been trying to keep busy during these COVID times !  Another Design Competition bites the dust from the Legendary Bird Home Competition 2020. 

NEW Design and Documentation promo

Here is our latest Design and Documentation Promo.

Working directly with designers and avoiding ‘drafting’ agencies means you can get higher quality levels of work. The end cost is often similar and you can avoid paying high percentage agency overheads. Wouldn’t you rather spend the fee on the work instead of ‘middlemen’ fees?

Get in touch for a free initial consult and quote. No project is too big or too small.

Call 0404 346 602 to get your project started.

Deenya Parade, QLD

trinity+one have recently completed a sketch design for a single bedroom house on Russell Island, QLD.

The design takes the external landscaping and blends it with the architecture of the house, blurring the line between inside and outside.  This is achieved using porous materials, similar geometry and varying levels and heights.

Mt Waverley Aged Care 

trinity+one have recently completed tender documentation for an Aged Care Facility in Mount Waverley for Spowers Architecture.   The builders have broken ground and we look forward to seeing progress of the project on site.  As always a great opportunity to collaborate with architects with a wealth of experience and expertise.

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Myrniong Residence 

trinity+one have recently completed tender documentation for a house in Myrniong for Judd Lysnko Marshall Architects.   The project has a spectacular cantilever over a valley which is not only amazing visually but also structurally.

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