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About us 

At trinity+one we have a simple design philosophy. That is to provide creative design solutions for our client that responds to their brief.

The process we take with our projects starts with selection of people with the right skills for the job. Since one of the important aspects our design philosophy is creative collaboration this stage is crucial for us. We try to vary our design set by drawing upon the trinity+one network, that way we don’t always use the same set of techniques. This makes our designs more specific and unique.

Often many offices have an off the shelf design policy, whereby they take a similar or previous project they have done before and just try to make it fit on a new site. At trinity+one we don’t believe in this. We believe each project is different and requires a specific design.

We are a syntactical office, which basically means we use a lot of data in formulating our designs. This coupled with our advanced digital design skills allows us to manage / design / visualize our projects and produce information for our clients and the rest of the design team with clarity

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